As part of preparing students for the labor market, a field visit was organized for students of the second semester, Architectural Engineering Department within the course EB 144 Architectural drawing (2) for Al Forsan International Schools. The school’s managing director received the visit, during which the students were introduced to the basic elements that must be available in the classrooms. Then, the students scaled up a number of classrooms with different items. It was the first time that the students experimented taking measurements and using them in drawing the horizontal projections. These projections are then used in the project presented to the students. In addition, this visit had a direct impact on raising the students’ awareness, linking reality with academic study, and giving them correct sense of the actual space on the ground. In addition, Al Forsan Schools are considered a modern and integrated model that can be used as a reference. The visit was supervised by faculty members such as Dr. Maha Ali, and Dr. Taghreed Ahmed, along with a group of the teaching assistants.