Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hamdy Afefy, Head of the Construction Engineering and Management Department, Faculty of Engineering, PUA, Dr. Marwa Sharkas, Professor of Building Technology Course, along with a group of teaching assistants: Eng. Ahmed Salem, Eng. Sherwit Hassan, Eng. Heba Adel, Eng. Nisrina Hazem, Eng. Fayrouz Al-Bakatoshy, organized a field visit to the construction site of the (Al Sawary) housing project in Alexandria, which is located on Alexandria-Cairo desert road behind Carrefour City Center, on Sunday Dec 26, 2021.

Mr. Muhammad Saeed, the project’s financial manager, welcomed the department’s delegation, and he thankfully assigned a number of engineers and technicians to provide the student with a detailed explanation about the components of the project and the construction system used.

Furthermore, the students were introduced to the project’s foundation works, concrete structures, and structural works. By the end of the visit, students reviewed the various items of finishing such as ceramics, marble, and other works.

Moreover, the students took several photos and videos from the site to use them when presenting their final project to be delivered at the end of the semester.