In the context of its policy which aims at achieving full integration between academic studies and industrial experiences, the Department of Petrochemical Engineering organized a scientific visit to the Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company (SIDPEC) on Sunday, March 27, 2022 for the students of the third year. The visit was under the supervision of Ass. Prof. Dr. Rania Farouk and Dr. Fathi Shoukry in recognition of necessity of giving due care to the practical side and relating it to the theoretical side.


The visit began with orientation sessions on occupational safety and health and the factory’s work system. Later, the students viewed the occupational safety and health equipment and practiced how to use it. This was followed by a visit to the ethylene production unit, and the students were introduced to the reactors used and how to deal with industrial waste. The tour was continued with a visit to the packing unit and the control room to learn how the work is managed from inside that room to serve the production process, as well as the extent to which what appears on the screens matches what is on the ground, hence, serving the courses of Safety for petrochemical industries, Flow sheeting, and Introduction to Environmental engineering. Consequently, students gained a lot of information that greatly served the illustration of the courses and broadened their understanding of which. Further, the students posed many questions and some pictures were taken during the visit.