Jusoor Initiative

The Jusoor Initiative is an initiative launched by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) with a group of partners to create training and job opportunities for young men and women in the Arab Region.

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) welcomed the visiting team consisting of Mrs. Mona Fattah, United Nations Social Affairs Officer, and Ms. Carla Mousa, United Nations senior researcher. The two parties held a business meeting to discuss ways of cooperation between PUA and ESCWA on how to PUA students can draw maximum benefit from this initiative.

Once the meeting was over, an open seminar was held with students from various PUA faculties. During this seminar, the visiting team familiarized the students with the goals of the initiative, how to benefit from it. The team also motivated the students to take advantage of the training and qualification opportunities provided by the partners and the job opportunities available through the website.

Moreover, the website will allow PUA to emerge as an international partner available to all participants from the Arab Region. Furthermore, Mr. Wagih Wahba, and Mrs. Patricia Samman participated in the event as representatives of the Sawiris Foundation, along with Dr. Diaa Aldin Mohammed, as one of the Initiative’s success model. Mr. Osama Attia, Head of Human Resources Sectors, also participated in the event representing Pharco Group. The meeting was also attended by numerous PUA students, faculty members, and teaching assistants.