The students of 9th semester at the Architectural Engineering Department, Pharos University in Alexandria made a site visit to Le Marché – Cairo international furniture show. The site visit aimed to integrate the practical and interactive education with the theoretical education within their course of EA553 Interior Design.

The visit that occurred on Thursday, March 10, 2022, was organized and supervised by the Dr. Taghreed Ahmed, course lecturer along with Arch. Esraa El Dallal, Arch. Riham Shrief, Arch. Ola Sallam, and Arch. Esraa Elsayed, teaching assistants.

Through this visit, the students were given a practical chance to see the latest trends in the interior design field in terms of furniture, colors, wall treatments, lighting, finishing materials, ceilings, floors and accessories…. etc.

The outcomes of this visit are expected to be reflected in the students’ projects in all the following stages of interior design. They are also expected to develop their artistic sense and general taste by viewing different and latest designs of the most prominent architects and interior designers present in the Egyptian interior design market.