Implementing to what agreed on between Pharos University and Electronic Researches Institute during a visit of delegation headed by Dr./ Shereen  Abd Al-Qadar – in charge of institute president to Pharos university and that on Wednesday 17/11/2021, and high delegation from Pharos university headed by Dr./ Ramadan Abo Al-Alaa University Vice President for Society Service Affairs visited the institute on Tuesday 14/12/2021. And the delegation included: Prof./ Mohammed Gabar – Engineering Faculty Dean and Prof./ Mohammed Naem – Vice Dean of Engineering faculty- Prof./ Mohammed Abd Al-Rahman – Electric Engineering head of department and Dr./ Nabil Rashwan teacher at Electronic Engineering department. And the delegation was received by Dr./ Shereen Abd Al-Qadar – in charge of institute president and the visit was done by: Dr. Ahmed Attia – in charge of Microwave Engineering head of department and Dr./ Magad Naqib –High Energy head of department and Dr./ Ghada Farouq – In charge of information researches head of department, and Dr./ Haitham Husien Abd Alluah Professor at microwave department and Eng./ Sameer Husien head of central laboratories at the institute. And the university delegation inspected the central laboratories and the specialized laboratories (Nano Technology, Precise Electronics, photonic cells and high energy) as well the building of the emerging companies and business leading building, the both parties agreed on that the cooperation will be on different axes including student training in the institute laboratory and supervision and following up the graduation projects. Also the business leading technological incubators in the electronic and communication field and information technology to expand the cooperation foundation in the industry and implement projects and researches to serve the community.