“Vision 2022”

is a photographic exhibition for the freshman and junior students of the Media Arts Department, Faculty of Arts and Design at Pharos University in Alexandria. The students’ projects that resulted from the two courses “Visual Composition – MA221” and “Digital Photography -MA361” under the supervision of Dr. Hekmat Hassan. The exhibition was opened by Professor Dr. Hana Yassin, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design and Eng. Hassan Wasfi, Head of the Visual Artists Syndicate in Alexandria on Tuesday, March 12th, 2022 in the headquarters of the Visual Artists Syndicate in Alexandria “Atta Bila Hodod (Bounder-less Giving) Hall”. The exhibition reviews the students’ experiences according to the vision of each of them. The freshman students employed the elements of composition and the rules of photography through their interaction and influence on the surrounding environment to show the basic concepts in the production of students’ photographs. While the sophomore students applied different types of lighting in the studio and photographing portraits with the addition of aesthetic elements, for lighting and accessories to simulate cinematic characters through frames.