The first meeting of the Digital Education Committee in Pharos University


Within the framework of implementation of  Pharos University’s strategy 2020/2025 and that of  Egypt 2030, as well as an outcome of the  Digital Transformation Forum organized by the Ministry of Higher Education on August 2021,  attended by Prof. Nourhan Fanaky, the Vice president for Education and Students Affairs, an internal committee concerned about ” digital transformation of education”  was constituted by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohy El-Din the President of Pharos University ,  and held its first meeting on February 8th 2022.

In this meeting, the committee members,  representing different faculties, discussed the concept of digital transformation, and reviewed the current situation of their respected faculties for the possibility of implementing digital transformation of education at the university level.  An action plan will be developed and each member was assigned tasks to fulfill the goals of the committee.


Members of committee