First Master’s Thesis in Engineering Sciences in the Petrochemical Engineering Department

PUA’s Faculty of Engineering was honored to discuss and approve the first master’s thesis in engineering sciences in the Petrochemical Engineering Department presented by Eng. Toqa Salama Muhammad Salama. The presented thesis was titled “Synthesis of New Composite Polymeric Materials for 3D Printing Applications”.

On the sidelines of the thesis discussion, a ceremony was held in Hall E127 at the Faculty of Engineering. This was under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, PUA’s President, and in the presence of PUA’s Vice-Presidents, namely: Prof. Dr. Nourhan Fanaki, Prof. Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu Ela, Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Youssef. In addition to Prof. Dr. Mohamed Gaber Abu Ali, Dean, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Vice Dean, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty for Postgraduate Studies, along with a group of industry experts and guests.

The ceremony was launched by Prof. Dr. Abbas Anwar, Department Head, welcoming the attendees, and gave a presentation on the development of the Petrochemical Engineering Department. Meanwhile, Chem. Hossam Anwar, Department’s industry expert, explained the significant role of industry experts in the educational process and the qualification of graduates for the labor market.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, highlighted the role of postgraduate studies at the university and the Faculty of Engineering in particular. Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Youssef also acknowledged the role of as the Petrochemical Engineering Department in the Postgraduate Program. Noting that the number of students enrolled in the program has reached the maximum capacity, which is 15 students and wished further success for the Department.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu El-Ela indicated the pioneering role of the Petrochemical Engineering Department since its establishment. Further, he invited to provide all kinds of support to the Department due to its crucial role in the next stage.

After congratulating student Toqa, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Gaber, stressed the significance of postgraduate studies in the Faculty. He also wished the Department further success, hoping the implementation of the program in the rest of the Faculty departments, consecutively.

from her part, Eng. Toqa, MSc, thanked the supervisors of the thesis, acknowledging the effective role of the Department. Especially during conducting the practical part of the thesis, whether in the Faculty’s laboratories or in private entities such as the Egyptian Petrochemical Company, SIDPEC Company, or the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

The ceremony ended with a speech delivered by Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin congratulating Eng. Toqa, and praising the efforts of the Petrochemical Engineering Department. Moreover, he instructed to provide all forms of support to the Department to reach a decent position that truly befits Pharos University.

The discussion committee, consisted of:
Prof. Dr. Nabil Abdel Moneim (Examiner and Supervisor)
Prof. Dr. Taghreed Zewail (Examiner)
Prof. Dr. Badawi Kamoon (Examiner)
Prof. Dr. Ehsan Nasif (examiner and supervisor)