Within the framework of the student activities programs at Pharos University, the Faculty of Arts and Design organized a workshop on “Methods of forming leather products”. The workshop prepared by Ass. Prof. Nahla Ahmed El-Deeb, Head of the Fashion Design Department and Vice Dean for student Affairs and Education. the workshop began with introducing the different types and significance of leather materials. Leather works are considered among the most significant materials inherited throughout the different ages since the ancient Egyptians. That’s why leather works are broadly familiar to everyone, especially they are used in many of our daily uses. Later, the various tools in the formation of leather materials and the most important techniques were identified, these techniques include:

Embroidery method: one of the methods of decorating the leather by using different types of cotton and silk threads and metal wires.

Weaving method: a decorative method that depends on striping the leather in longitudinal, transverse, or diagonal lines, which are then woven with other strips of leather or threads. In this method, it is possible to renew by changing the thicknesses of the leather slices.

punching method: one of the distinguished techniques done by removing parts of the leather surfaces, yet, preserving the cohesion of the units after removing these parts. This method is done either with traditional cutters or sharp pointy pens to cut in various decorative forms. The punched leather surfaces may be lined from the back with leather of another color then fixed by embroidery methods on different areas, or left without lining to give transparency to the floor on which it is placed.