Prof. Dr. Naeala Emaraa, Dean of PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication, has signed a cooperation protocol with Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Jabali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) and Managing Director of Training. This agreement enables PUA students to undergo training in various media disciplines at EMPC’s Up Skill training center, leveraging EMPC’s extensive expertise and resources to develop highly skilled graduates. The training will utilize modern scientific tools to help students keep pace with the significant advancements in the media industry.

Mr. Al-Jabali warmly welcomed Dr. Emaraa’s visit and emphasized the critical role of training in the educational process, highlighting the importance of integrating practical and theoretical training aspects. He assured that EMPC is fully equipped to offer all necessary facilities for PUA students during their training courses.

Dr. Emaraa expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, noting that EMPC, as the largest media complex in the region, offers top-tier studios and training centers. This collaboration will allow students to immerse themselves in a professional media environment that fosters academic excellence through the exceptional training programs provided by Up Skill.