In the context of activating the importance of scientific student activities in the Electrical Engineering Department, the Department organized, under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, on Wednesday Jan 5, 2022 a scientific competition titled Internet of Things (IOT). The competition was held under the supervision and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, academic supervisor of the Electrical Engineering Department, Dr. Gamal Mahmoud, head of student activities and a jury, Dr. Engy El-Nayal, communication lecturer and a jury, and Eng. Eman Abu Al Khair Bakr, Department’s Activities Coordinator. A group of faculty staff, teaching assistants, and supervisors of engineering laboratories were also present.

Moreover, it is set to honor the winners of the competition this week. topics tackled in the competition included a variety of different projects. The Smart Face Recognition System project won the first place, the Vending Machine project won the second place, while the Smart Lighting System project won the third place. Last but not least, the Automatic Traffic Light project won fourth place.

The competition was also keen on adding the (Project Based Learning) principle as an initiative to develop the teaching and learning methods and motivate students, in a way that helps them with their courses for this semester.