A high-level delegation from the Arab Organization for Industrialization visited Pharos University (P.U.A), and the delegation was headed by Major General /Ahmed Abdel Aziz – chairman of the board of directors of the electronics factory in the organization. The delegation included Dr. Essam Mansour – Advisor to the chairman of the board of directors of the electronics factory and Eng. Ashraf Khalil – head of the Human Resources sector. The two parties discussed the possibilities of joint cooperation in the fields of scientific research, training and participation in solving technical problems for the sake of carrying out research and patents and benefiting from the scientific and human capabilities at Pharos university and the Arab Organization for Industrialization. The delegation was received by Prof. / Mahmoud Mohy Al-Din – President of the University, Prof. /Ramadan Abu Al-Ela – Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Prof. / Mohammed Gabar Abo Ali Faculty of Engineering Dean, Prof. / Mohammed Naem Faculty of Engineering Vice Dean, and Prof./ Mohammed Yahia Al-Makki Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, and a number of teaching staff committee at the Faculty. Both parties agreed on the optimal use of the resources to move to the rank of developed countries and achieving the developmental desired aims of the Egyptian society and to accomplish the above the both parties signed a cooperation protocol signed by Prof./ Mahmoud Mohy El-Din as a Pharos University President Also Major General/ Ahmed Abdel Aziz – authorized by Lieutenant General chairman of the organization.