The faculty of Arts and Design organized for graduation students, Media Art department, a scientific trip to Studio Misr, the first cinematographic studio in Egypt since 1935, for the requirements of the course: “Advanced Lighting Techniques”, under supervision Dr. Ismaeil Mohamed Elnazer. During the first part of visit, the students met Mr. Hani Hashem, Director of Production Department at Studio Misr, and they visited with him the special cinematographic plateaus, as well as attending the filming of a commercial advertisement and the sites for the series “Al Asmarat District”.In the second part, the students made a specialized visit to the sound and mixing studio, and met Eng. Waleed Nagy, director of the sound studio, who gave them a lecture on the axes of sound recording methods for short films and the necessary technical equipment and supplies. In the third part, students visited the printing and development lab for films. At the conclusion of the visit in the fourth part, was the specialized lecture in the field of cinematography with the Director of Photography/Ragia Mustafa, in which she presented the duties of the Director of Photography and Lighting in the film.