Within the framework of implementing the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities to conduct examinations postponed for the fall semester for the academic year 2020/2021, Which must take place in light of strict precautionary measures that coincide with the alert state in all country institutions, the following has been decided:

– Committed to the entry points receiving students before the exam to avoid any crowding, with the availability of a temperature detector, sterilizer and disinfectant.

– Committed to the compulsory road leading students to exam halls and the compulsory roads to exit the university so that there will not be any gatherings inside the university, either before or after the exam.

– Must have a sterilization device in front of all exam halls and measure the temperature for each student.

– Assigning security staff to obligate students to committee to the compulsory roads.

– Students are not allowed to enter the university without wearing a mask.

– Sterilizing exam halls before each exam and disinfecting before, after the exams and throughout the day.

– Students must have all the necessary tools for the exam to prevent them from using other students’ tools in order to prevent their circulation among students.

– Allocate isolation rooms at the university for suspected cases.