Pharos University Celebrates Orphan’s Day

In continuation of the annual tradition which the University’s administration is keen on and based on the its pioneering role in the field of community service, PUA hosted on Friday, April 1, on the university playground, the annual celebration of the Orphan’s Day.

About 300 children, from 6 civil associations concerned with the care of orphans participated in the event. These associations included: “Naba’a Al Hob Charitable Society, Al Istekrar Charitable Society, Al Mutadaro’on Charitable Society, Al Qala’a Society for Community Development, Tariq Al-Khair Society for Community Development, and Mujib Al-Sayyilin Charitable Society”. Furthermore, many faculty members, teaching assistants, along with a large number of students participated with great enthusiasm in organizing the event.

The children participated in the various games and activities that the Faculty of Dentistry participated in. The faculty also spread the awareness among the children by presenting them with gifts related to the prevention and protection of teeth. In a similar context, The Faculty of Engineering participated in some recreational games, while the Faculty of Arts participated in face painting and distrusting handicraft gifts. The Faculties of Languages and Translation, Tourism, and Financial and Administrative Sciences also participated in distributing gifts. The Faculty of Medical Sciences, however; provided awareness about the proper nutrition and healthy foods, in addition to distributing some gifts to children.

Moreover, the event included theatrical, musical, wizard, and Nubian skits were performed. At the end of the ceremony, meals and clothes were distributed, and, as followed in the annual tradition, commemorative group photos ware taken.