The Chinese Consul-General, along with the Cultural Attaché at the Chinese Consulate and a delegation from Shandong Province, China, visited Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) to attend PUA’s celebration of Chinese Cultural Day. On the sidelines of this visit, the delegation met at PUA’s administrative building to discuss potential cooperation. The delegation was warmly received by PUA’s President, top management officials, and faculty members.


During the visit, PUA’s International Relations Director delivered a detailed presentation highlighting the university’s capabilities and the academic programs offered across its various faculties. The Chinese Consul General commended the proficiency of students in the Chinese Language Department at PUA’s Faculty of Languages and Translation in the Chinese language. Similarly, he praised the Chinese students studying at the Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language Center (TAFL) for mastering Arabic in a short period.


Furthermore, the Consul General expressed his full support for cultural and academic exchanges between PUA and Chinese universities. He emphasized the importance of encouraging Chinese students to study the Arabic language at PUA. At the end of the meeting, both parties agreed to provide the necessary assistance to facilitate the acquisition of dual degrees in Arabic for non-native speakers and Chinese for students of the Chinese Language Department at PUA’s Faculty of Languages and Translation.