PUA Faculties Competed in the Community Research Projects Competition

In the framework of the keenness of Pharos University to constantly organize an annual competition for community-based research projects for all PUA faculties, a symposium was organized on Thursday, 26 December 2019 to discuss and evaluate the PUA students’ community research projects which all compete for providing innovative ideas serving the community while putting forward practical and effective solutions for the problems found in Alexandria in particular and in Egypt in general. The community-based research projects were assessed by the following judging panel:

  • Mahmoud Mohy El-Din, the President of Pharos University
  • Norhan Fanaky, the Vice President of Education and Student affairs
  • Mohamed Helal, the Vice President of Graduate Studies and Researches
  • Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs
  • Gamal Badie Mohamed, the Consultant of the University President for Academic and External Relations.
  • Boshra Saleem, the Consultant of the University President for International Relations.
  • Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ragab, the PUA Secretary General
  • A number of experts in different specializations.

This symposium was held in the presence of the faculties’ deans, faculty members and teaching assistants and the students who presented the research projects. Winners were announced at the end of the competition and presented “Mohamed Ragab Awards”.

The results of the competition were as follows:

  • In the first place came a project entitled “Implementing Oral Health Preventive Strategies Among a Group of Visually Impaired School Children in Alexandria” – the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • In the second place came a project entitled “A Chatbot Project through Facebook Messenger to Propagate for Touristic Landmarks in Egypt”- the Faculty of Mass Communication.
  • In the third place came two projects; the first entitled “Brand Design in Visual Content for Packages Based on the Needs of the Egyptian Market”- the Faculty of Arts and Design and the second entitled “Community Awareness of the Labor Law and the Dissemination of Legal Culture”- the Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations.

It is worth mentioning that the aim of this kind of academic competitions is to raise a new creative generation in all fields that is able to identify and address problems in a way that helps the government in the development process. By doing such academic activities, Pharos University proves that it is a sustainable university in accordance with Egypt’s vision 2030 for sustainable development.