Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Program (IME)

At the end of the academic year of 2021/2022, the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Program (IME), Mechanical Engineering Department, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, organized its 1st annual periodic academic day.
The event was honorably attended by a group of professors, department students, and some parents. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Gaber Abu Ali, Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Vice Dean of the Faculty, and faculty members of the Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing and Mechanical Power programs were also among the honorable attendees.
In addition to a group of honorable non-faculty guests, especially from Alexandria University and the Higher Institute of Engineering & Technology in Smouha.
Furthermore, the event displayed a number of the activities accomplished by students during the academic year 2021-2022. It also tackled a technical report on the one-week training visit they made to the Academy of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI Academy). Similarly, a few other field visits to ASU and Cairo Exhibition Center were also shown.
In addition, some of the short projects completed by the students in the quality improvement, unconventional manufacturing processes, and computer-aided manufacturing courses such as gearboxes for machines were showcased.
The event was concluded with the presentation of two graduation projects for students from the current academic year, accompanied by equipment designed and executed in this regard. The projects presented received remarkable satisfaction by the audience.
At the end of the event, the attendees, students, and guests showed great interaction and positive reaction.
In his brief closing remarks, the Dean promised that these achievements would not just sit on the Department’s walls. As a public exhibition is to be held in the faculty where PUA’s staff can see the unique achievements made by the Faculty’s various departments.