Author: Prof. Dr. Sami Al Sayed Orabi, Coordinator of Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Course, Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, PUA


Throughout the last three decades, mobile phone was one of the most significant inventions presented to mankind. Yet, it was the most controversial among supporters and opponents due to its social implications. On the contrary, there are people who believe that the existence of phones has provided many solutions and social benefits. There is no doubt that this technology is advancing at a maximum speed unmatched by any other invention. To the extent, it has become an important economic pillar for many societies, whether producing or consuming. However, both the supporting and opposing teams have agreed on one thing; both of them concerned of the health implications of using this technology.

The potential effects of mobile phones can be summarized as follows:

  • Ray Absorption: Part of the radiation waves emitting from the mobile phone are absorbed by the body.
  • Thermal Effect: when someone uses a cell phone, most of the thermal effect builds up on the surface of the head, raising its temperature by a fraction of a degree. This increase in temperature can be placed directly in the rank that precedes the increase in temperature resulting from exposure to sunlight.

Scientific Background

The radiation emitting from mobile phones and cell sites is similar, to a lesser extent, to that from microwave ovens. Scientific studies and laboratory analyses done by many researchers around the world have shown that direct exposure for long periods of time to direct mobile phone radiation causes damages on the human body. These damages have been detected through laboratory experiments conducted by many scientists around the world on mice. These scientists include Dr. George Carlo with Martin Schram, Dr. Salford, and Dr. Kegel Mild. These damages include:

  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Headache and stress
  • Feeling of heat in the area around the ear
  • The possibility of causing cancer


A lot of scientific controversy has been raised about the potential health damages caused by using mobile phones to the extent that recently, precautions have been limited to imposing technical measures on phone manufacturers and network operators to reduce the potential risks. However, there it is out of discussion that using mobile phones has become an inevitable necessity, whose potential damages are like those of food and drinks. Now, the problem raised is no longer about the use of phones or not, it is about reducing the damage as much as possible by taking and following the following measures:

  1. Shifting to the use of necessity and not the use of habit, by reducing the period of use.
  2. Attempting to reduce direct contact of devices with the ear and head and listening directly from the Speakers. Further, using headphones for long periods of time must be avoided too due to its potential damage. This way, we avoid going out of the frying pan into the fire.
  3. Emphasizing on controlling the use of mobile phones by children in their early stages of development.