In the light of PUA annual tradition which is managed under the supervision of Eng. Alaa Ragab, the Chairman of the PUA Board of Trustees, PUA launched 6 aid convoys for several regions in Alexandria. The student activities leaders, faculty members, teaching assistants and students actively participated in these convoys. It is worth mentioning that these convoys were managed under the supervision of Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs. The convoys headed to:

  • Souk Al-Turk.
  • “Ras Al-Tin” Association.
  • “Al mutadarieun”, “Zwad El Kher” and “Mogeeb El Saaelin” Associations in Abis.
  • “Tarek ElKhair” Association, Sidi Gaber.
  • “El Qalaa” Association, Awayed.
  • “El Estqrar” Association, Al Amaria.

This activity is a part of the university’s keenness to activate its role in developing the spiritual, moral and loyalty values of students as well as participating in community service. It is worth mentioning that the students were excited and happy for participating in this charity work.