The Technological University Dublin organized the 15th annual forum entitled “Customer Loyalty Management and Retention in Retailing” on 5-7 February 2020. The forum was attended by:

  • Tarek Taha, the Dean of the faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences- Pharos University.
  • Austin Hughes, a Chief Economist at KBC Bank- Ireland.
  • Aisling Toms, the Onboarding and Retention Customer Manager.
  • Jim Power, the Managing Director at Jim Power Economics.

The forum addressed many important topics:

  • The importance of earning customer loyalty in achieving success of retail stores.
  • The impact of the retail stores’ environment on customer loyalty.
  • Explanation of the concept of on-line loyalty and customer retention.
  • Analyzing the retail landscape in a changing economic climate.

At the end of the forum, Prof. Tarek Taha – the faculty Dean was honored as a keynote speaker at this forum. He was also awarded a certificate of appreciation and the shield of TU Dublin, in the presence of Mr. Khaled Tharwat – the Egyptian Ambassador in Dublin.