The Tourism Department in coordination with the Alumni Association in the faculty organized a workshop entitled “From College to the Dream of Being Yourself” for the graduates of class 2019-2020. This workshop was held on Thursday, 22 October 2020. The activities of the workshop were managed by Ms. Sheriene Ewase, the Deputy Executive Director of Creditgo. The workshop included many topics such as:

  • Learning about job search tools.
  • How to think outside the box.
  • How to adapt to the work environment.
  • What are the key factors in professional decision-making.

It is worth mentioning that Ms. Basant Shahine, an Assistant Lecturer in the Tourism Department and the International Relations Coordinator of the faculty gave a presentation about EU Erasmus Virtual Exchange Scholarships which develop alumni’s communication skills.  At the end of the workshop the faculty administration thanked Ms. Sherine Ewase for her support and advices about labor market for the graduates.