The Faculty of Mass Communication launched the first stage of the student union elections for academic year 2022-2023. Prof. Dr. Howaida Mostafa, stated that election has begun and ends with the elections of committee secretaries and their assistants, as well as the president of the union and his/her deputy at PUA level.


She also indicated that the students were highly eager to participate in the student union elections. Aiming to achieve the concepts of democracy, transparency, integrity, and freedom to create conscious generations capable of assuming responsibility. This is according to the schedule announced by Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Furthermore, a committee has been formed to supervise the elections, including Dr. Maged Al-Manzalawy, Faculty’s student activities coordinator, Dr. Noha Al-Asdoudy, Lecturer, Public Relations and Advertising Department, and Prof. Muhammad Tariq, Student Activities Department Supervisor. It also included Mr. Mohamed Mustafa, Ms. Noha Al-Lamsi, and Ms. Samar Alaa, Teaching Assistants, Public Relations and Advertising Department. Along with Ms. Noha Youssef, Teaching Assistant, Journalism and Digital Publishing Department, and Ms. Amal Salem, and Mr. Mohammed Gaber, from the technical and administrative body.


The entire event was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, PUA’s President, Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu El-Ela, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Huwaida Mostafa, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication.