PUA’s Faculty of Engineering places significant emphasis on sporting activities for their pivotal role in shaping students’ characters. It also aims to cultivate the ethos of teamwork, which contributes to fostering physical well-being, bolstering youths’ self-assurance, nurturing a spirit of fair-play, and harnessing youthful energy for recreation and engagement. In line with this commitment, the Faculty’s student activities team recently organized the second and final round of its football league.

The event featured the participation of eight teams representing various academic years and departments, engaging in four knockout matches. Notably, the competition was distinguished by a display of exemplary sportsmanship and fair play throughout. Advancing to the final round were Voltex team from the Electrical Engineering Department and Al Hilal team from the Construction Engineering and Management Department. The final match concluded with an impressive performance from Voltex team, clinching victory and securing the championship title.