Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed El-Meligy, Dean of PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, gathered with sophomore, junior, and senior students hailing from various departments. The gathering was also attended by deputy deans, department heads, general academic advisor, and the academic advisors of the various departments.

Commencing the session, the Dean extended warm greetings to the students and congratulated them on the onset of the holy month of Ramadan, coupled with earnest wishes for their success. Stressing inclusivity, he underscored the importance of affording every student the opportunity to voice their proposals and address any concerns.

Key focal points addressed by the Dean encompassed the imperative for students to diligently prepare for their graduation projects, recognizing their pivotal role in professional readiness. Additionally, he underlined the significance of seeking financial assistance to support these projects and advocated for active participation in both local and international student competitions, which serve to enrich graduates’ curriculum vitae.

During the interactive exchange, the Dean fielded numerous inquiries and suggestions, pledging to meticulously consider and address each one. He also highlighted the importance of conscientiously responding to both the Faculty’s and PUA’s questionnaires, emphasizing the necessity of direct communication with faculty administration.

Concluding the meeting, he assured attendees of his commitment to organize similar gatherings in the near future to further delve into student suggestions, proposals, and various concerns. At the end, the Dean wished all students his best wishes for success to all students in their academic pursuits.