Students of the Faculty of Languages and Translation pursued their summer training in the following places:


Capital Professional Development

American Council Egypt HSH

Forsan International Schools


Arabic for Translation

Translation Center (PUA)


These trainings were supervised by Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu Al-Ela, Vice President, Prof. Dr. Sahar Hammouda, Dean, and Mrs. Rania Bassiouni, Head of the Training Unit. They were also followed-up by the Faculty’s field training committee.


The training included more than 180 students from all departments of the Faculty. All students how greatly they benefited from the various training fields training. This was done through a questionnaire given by the training unit to students to measure their satisfaction with the available training places and how such trainings correspond to the labor market.


Furthermore, The Faculty completes the training steps by internally evaluating the trained students who are required to make presentations to exchange their different experiences.