PUA has always been keen on sharpening the practical and training skills of its students to graduate students capable of competing in the labor market. Within this framework, and in pursuance of the field training for students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, a field visit was organized for 3rd year students to the Journalism and Digital Publishing Department of Youm7 newspaper.

The students were received by Dr. Mohamed Tharwat, editor-in-chief of Youm7, who took them on a 3-hour tour inside the newspaper’s section.

The tour began with meeting the students and introducing them to the history of the newspaper, displaying its digital beginning and its transformation into a printed newspaper. Then the development of its website and the role of the digital publishing in the website. The students then surfed the newspaper’s website, where they were introducing to the pioneers of journalism in Egypt. After that, they moved to the newspaper’s studio, where they learned how to make video programs, and the tools used in filming and broadcasting. Later, they headed to the different departments of the integrated editing hall, where the heads of the different departments introduced the students to the work methods followed in each department.

Dr. Muhammad Tharwat also showed the shape, performance and methods of the integrated editing hall, which transformed being a traditional with offices of the department heads and editor-in-chief into a large editing room gathering all journalistic sections. Further, he emphasized the integration of the departments, as everyone works in harmony and diversity, and everyone can edit and make reports. The students then proceeded the digital disk unit, whose director explained how the unit works and its various tasks.

Meanwhile, Dr. Muhammad Tharwat explained how to analyze and publish press topics on the website, and how to employ the attests the trends of the day in electronic journalistic topics, to appear on top of the search engines. He also illustrated how to choose the design of the newspaper’s website and the reasons behind this choice.

The field visit was concluded by answering students’ inquiries and questions about the nature of work on the newspaper’s website, and its future.

It is worth noting that this is the second visit to the newspaper to complete the training program of the students of the Public Relations and Marketing Department of the Faculty of Mass Communication.

The visit was well received by the newspaper’s officials who commended the role of the Faculty in integrating the educational process with competitions in the labor market in light of digital transformation.