Basic Sciences Department’s Orientation Day


PUA’s Faculty of Engineering welcomed the new academic year with a welcoming event for its freshman students, as part of the Orientation Day events.

The Orientation Day began with a speech by the Dean and Vice Deans, in which they explained the nature of the Faculty’s study, as well as the educational and academic partnership agreement with the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH). In addition to emphasizing the efforts exerted to provide a distinguished educational atmosphere through developing the Faculty’s teaching and learning mechanisms.

The Day also included an overview of the various departments, followed by a presentation on the services and activities provided by the Faculty and university through the Innovations Club, Entrepreneurship Club, and Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC). These services and activities aim to provide support, and develop creativity and innovation among students by providing training and participating in scientific competitions and forums.

The event was concluded by answering the parents’ various questions and inquiries about the Faculty and the nature of the study. After that, the parents and students took a free tour throughout the Faculty premises to inspect its various laboratories, workshops and departments. In the end, a memorial photo was taken with the freshman students.