Regarding students taking exams, any student whose name is not shown on the course list, shall be banned from taking the exams. The listing of student’s name and having a university valid ID card are two essential conditions for taking the exam. If neither of these conditions is met, the student is not allowed to take the exams.


However, if the student does not have the ID to confirm his/her identity and whether he/she is allowed is to take the exam, an inquiry shall be sent from the Office of the Faculty’s Dean’s Secretariat (Student Affairs), stating student’s name and the registered course being inquired about to PUA’s Student Affairs Department. The Department will then respond with the student’s personal photo to confirm his/her identity, and a copy of his/her registration form to allow him/her to take the exam.


This student, however, must be warned that this procedure is exceptional, and he/she will not be allowed to take the next exam without the ID card.


On the other hand, 2023/2024 freshman students, shall be allowed to enter with their temporary ID. In this case, the student’s ID photo must be matched with the one on his/her national ID card.