Al Montazah Gardens Visit

As part of the EA 007 – Sketching course in the Architectural Engineering Department, an academic visit for Department’s third-year students was organized to Al Montazah Gardens, Alexandria.

The visit was supervised by staff member, Dr. Taghreed Ahmed, along by two teaching assistants, Eng. Ola, Eng. Manar.

Since the course is mainly about free sketching, especially sketching of architectural elements, the tendency was to visit places containing scenes of architectural art. Accordingly, one of the ancient Montazah Palaces were chosen for students to sketch due to its artistic, aesthetic, and architectural value. In return, this contributed in promoting the artistic and aesthetic sense of the architectural student and developing his / her free sketching skills in an outdoor atmosphere.

Indeed, the students learned about the historical background of the building at a quick glance, and then each student sketched the palace in a sketch of his / her own. As a result, sketches from different angles were generated, based on the angle each student chose.