3rd year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, conducted a field visit to Mergham Plastic Complex, which is considered the core of plastic industries. In response to the political leadership’s encouragement for establishing new plastic industries projects, the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces supervised the establishment of the complex. Then, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry offered it under the usufruct right system, including industrial licenses.

Given the nature of the complex’s products, and its proximity to the sources of petrochemical products within the governorate, which are the main raw material for the plastic industry, the Ministry decided to make the Complex a specialized area for micro, small and medium plastic industries.

The students were fascinated by the Complex’s features; whether the complete facilities and infrastructure services. Further, some of the Complex’s specialists offered access to all services in a flexible and appropriate manner for various industries. As well as technical and logistical support services and training services by the Plastic Technology Center.