PUA’s Faculty of Engineering gives significant attention to providing training opportunities, and qualifying its students for the labor market. In this context, the Faculty, in coordination with the EgyptAir Training Academy, held an orientation session for students on the Aircraft Maintenance Qualifying Program. The session was attended by faculty members, teaching assistants, and students from the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Engineering Departments.

The session started with a speech by Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Basma, Senior Aircraft Engineer and Head of Technical Training at EgyptAir Training Academy. He explained the significance of training and the employment opportunities available for aircraft maintenance engineers. After that, a detailed explanation was given by a delegation of aircraft equipment and maintenance engineers and lecturers from the Technical Training Department at EgyptAir Training Academy. Through this speech, they explained aspects of academic cooperation between PUA and EgyptAir Training Academy. This cooperation aims to hold training courses to qualify the Faculty’s students to obtain an aircraft maintenance engineer license. These courses target the students of the Mechanical Engineering Department (Power Mechanics, Industrial Mechanics, and Mechatronics Programs). The program consists of about 630 training hours divided into 3 courses; Each course takes place in the summer semester for a period of 6-7 weeks.

The program also aims to qualify the students of the Electrical, Communications, and Computer Departments to obtain a license as an aircraft equipment maintenance engineer. It’s also divided into 3 courses; all taking place in the summer semester. furthermore, the lecturers explained the types of certificates that students obtain, the courses that must be studied, and the types of practical training that must be completed before working in an Egyptian and Gulf airline as a maintenance engineer.

The courses are scheduled to be held in the Faculty, bearing in mind that this is the first time that the EgyptAir Training Academy holds its training programs outside Cairo and in a private university.