The Architectural Engineering Department of at Pharos University held a workshop in Vienna, Austria. This workshop was prepared by Eng. Raji El-Gendy (Member of the OEAD Foundation in Vienna and a PUA former teaching assistant), in cooperation with Dr. Engy Mohamed Naguib and Dr. Muhammad Al-Fakhrani, PUA’s Architectural Engineering Department of Architecture.


The workshop lectures were supervised by Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abdel-Maqsoud, Architectural Engineering Department’s supervisor, and held at Vienna University of Technology (TU WIEN) and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU).


17 students from PUA participated in the workshop, in addition to 43 students from other nationalities. The workshop program provided a remarkable group of different scientific lectures, that mainly tackled the importance of sustainability, recycling, and renewable energy. In addition to their significance in maintaining the environment and individuals’ general mental and physical health.


Furthermore, the workshop provided a variety of valuable lectures by professors from different countries and nationalities in all disciplines related to energy and sustainability sciences.


In order to achieve the maximum benefit from their traveling experience, the students paid numerous field visits and attended lectures in Vienna’s most iconic archaeological and architectural landmarks. These visits and lectures aimed to give the students the opportunity to integrate in the urban environment and learn from the architectural details on the ground.


Two more visits were organized to Budapest, Hungary, and Tulln, Austria, where the students traveled by train between the two cities on a one-day trip to discover their major landmarks.


The visit also included many recreational periods to relief the students between periods of work, study, touring the city markets, and experiencing city life.