In the framework of the keenness of Pharos University to cope with what is new in different scientific fields, the faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology organized the 3rd scientific forum of the scientific committee. This was held on Tuesday, 31 December 2019. The organization of this forum was managed under the supervision of Prof. Ezzat Hassan, the faculty Dean and Prof. Mervat Osman, the Vice-Dean and the Head of the Scientific Committee. This forum was attended by faculty members and teaching assistants. The forum aimed to show and discuss the latest scientific topics and their applications.

During the forum, Dr. Mervat Moustafa, a Lecturer in the Medical Equipment Maintenance Department, gave a lecture entitled “The Effects of Natural Products and Nanoparticles on the Treatment of Inflammatory Skin Diseases”. She discussed in the lecture the new natural effective methods to defeat inflammatory skin diseases. After that, Dr. Mohamed Moustafa, a Lecturer in the Medical Laboratory Department, delivered a lecture entitled “Elucidation of Functions of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3β Interaction Protein (GSKIP) in the Transition of Epithelial Cancers” in which he explained that a hallmark of malignant cancers is the ability of the cells to transform from the dormant epithelial type to its migratory and invasive mesenchymal counterpart. He also clarified the role of “GSKIP” in controlling the activity of Cofilin Protein which stimulates the transmission of cancer cells and modifies the integrity of the epithelial cellular junctions.

It is worth mentioning that the attendees expressed their admiration for the scientific content of the forum and its simple presentation method. Prof. Mervat Osman, the Vice-Dean praised the distinguished performance of the heads of departments. She also delivered certificates of appreciation to a number of the faculty members and teaching assistants including:

  • Dr. Mohamed Salah.
  • Dr. Howaida Fadel.
  • Dr. Abo Zeid Thabet.
  • Dr. Bothaina Kandil.
  • Dr. Nancy Hagras.
  • Dr. Esraa Monier.
  • Dr. Nesrien Helaly.