Under the auspices of Prof. Shaimaa Abo El Azm, the Dean of the faculty of Physical Therapy, the faculty organized the 1st scientific forum of “Biomechanics” on Tuesday, 24 December 2019 in the Student Theater. The organization of this forum was managed under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Farouk, a lecturer of the Biomechanics Course.

The forum started with a welcoming speech from Prof. Shaimaa Abo El Azm through which she thanked the students for their efforts to make this event successful.  Then, she opened the forum which included 15 biomechanical models. These models showed a cross section of the body explaining the relation between the muscles and bones and its impact on the body mechanics. The models also showed the surfaces and axes that joints of the body move around.

In addition, the representatives of each group of students talked about their projects and the materials used in this project. It is worth mentioning that the students took the principles of sustainable development into consideration by recycling old materials used in the design of previous models, including plastic spoons, empty cups, fiber and wood. This forum was attended by a large number faculty members, teaching assistants and students of the faculty.