Applied Health Sciences Technology’s Job Fair

Applied Health Sciences Technology’s Job Fair PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology recently organized a job fair, under the supervision of the Student Activities Department. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohi El-Din, President of PUA, along with Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and... Continue Reading

The Geniuses Competitions

The Faculty of Health Sciences Technology at PUA recently hosted a scientific competition titled "The Geniuses Competition." Dr. Hisham Kamel led the event, dividing the students into two teams and posing general knowledge questions across various fields. The primary aim of the competition was to enhance cultural awareness among the students. The event concluded with... Continue Reading

Sustainable Nutrition

Sustainable nutrition encompasses food systems' capacity to furnish ample energy and essential nutrients for maintaining population health, while safeguarding the ability of future generations to fulfill their nutritional requirements. Sustainable food systems, with minimal environmental impact, uphold food and nutrition security, promoting healthy lives for present and future generations. Moreover, they safeguard biodiversity and ecosystems,... Continue Reading

Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development Sustainable development entails the harmonization of three fundamental components: the roles of students, faculty, and the university. Education aimed at sustainable development nurtures critical thinking, systemic analysis, and future-oriented perspectives, while inspiring actions that advance sustainable development goals. To delve into this framework of integration, PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences... Continue Reading

Towards a Sustainable University Community

Towards a Sustainable University Community As part of the Recycle It campaign and the Green Pharos: an environmentally conscious University Initiative, PUA’s Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence orchestrated a lecture titled “Towards a Sustainable University Community.” The lecture, delivered by Dr. Amr Abdel Fattah, Lecturer in the Computer Science Department, delved into the... Continue Reading

Training Opportunities at Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospitals

PUA’s Field Training Center is pleased to announce the availability of training opportunities for the students of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology. These training opportunities are particularly available for the students of the Departments of Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiology and Medical Imaging Technology, Critical Care and Anesthesia Technology at Mabaret Al Asafra Hospital... Continue Reading

Trivia Quiz

PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology organized a trivia quiz, overseen by the Student Activities Department. Students participated in a challenging contest, answering questions spanning various scientific disciplines. Following an intense competition, the top three achievers were identified and awarded prizes. The event drew participation from numerous faculty members, teaching assistants, and students. Continue Reading

A Seminar on Nutrition

PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences organized a seminar focusing on nutrition. The seminar explored various inquiries pertinent to the field of nutrition, alongside specific academic specializations within the faculty. Dr. Hadeel Saeed provided insights into the contemporary and sophisticated equipment employed in the faculty laboratory. Dr. Amani Salama delivered a lecture on nutrition, enriching... Continue Reading