Biomedical Equipment Technology’s Graduation Projects

Eager to hone the practical and scientific skills of its students and link them to the labor market and entrepreneurship, the Department of Biomedical Equipment Technology at PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology is making unremitting efforts to keep pace with the tremendous developments in the field of medical technology. This commitment was evident in the creativity showcased during the senior students’ discussion of their graduation projects, where they presented three practically implemented projects with actual prototypes.

The three projects included an osteoporosis detection device using ultrasound, a device for detecting irregular heartbeats using artificial intelligence, and a smart baby incubator linked to a mobile phone. The jury appreciated the students’ and supervisors’ efforts, evaluating the projects through gradual measurement models for accurate measurement and evaluation. The ceremony was attended by parents, faculty members, and teaching assistants from all departments, highlighting the collaborative and supportive environment fostered by the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology.