The Process of Making a Modern Product

The Computer Engineering Department, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, under the auspices of the of Faculty’s Student Activities Department, organized a lecture titled “The Process of Making Modern Products”. The lecture was delivered by Eng. George Louis, Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineer, who worked for several international European companies.

The lecture started with an introductory speech by Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel-Azim, academic supervisor of the Computer Engineering Department, in which he welcomed the Eng. George Lewis. This was followed by shedding light on the field of embedded systems, which is a global trend during the current period, as new jobs needed by the labor market that did not exist before are being created. While other current jobs will diminish and be replaced by embedded systems and robots in companies, factories, and production lines, in various engineering and industrial fields.

In addition, during the lecture, Eng. George discussed several points, most notably, the significance of embedded systems and the tremendous development that took place during the past two decades in this field. He presented current practical examples in the fields of agriculture and animal production, in which integrated systems are used, in replacement of manpower.

The lecture was concluded with a discussion of students’ aspirations and interests in this field, and how they can qualify themselves after graduation to be a competitive candidate in the labor market in preparation for entering the field of embedded systems and electronics.