Under the supervision of Prof. Ezzat Hassan, the Dean of the faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology and Prof. Magdy Bedewy, the Head of Medical Laboratory Technology Department, a culture competition was organized on Friday, 1 January 2021 on Blackboard Platform. This competition was prepared by Dr. Nadia Fouad and Dr. Bassant Safaa, Lecturers in the Medical Laboratory Technology Department. The competition included many questions in religious, scientific, artistic fields and general information encouraging the competitive spirit among the students. Moreover, this competition was managed under the supervision of Dr. Esraa Mounir, the Leader of Student Activity in the faculty, Ass. Lecturer Ghada Mohamed, Ass. Lecturer Amina Ali and Ass. Lecturer Amira Mohamed. It is worth mentioning that the participating students were divided into three teams. At the end of the competition, “We” Team won and it was comprised of: Basem El Galy, Aya El Feki, Rana Nabil, Khaled Abd El Naser, Mohamed Harby, Fakhry Hasan and lead by Ass. Lecturer, Amina Ali.