Talent Show

Tuesday 5/5/2018

The faculty of Languages and Translation held a talent show on Tuesday 5/5/2018 at the Student Theatre. PUA students from different faculties participated in this show where they performed a number of Arabic, English, Turkish and Chinese songs. The students of the Chinese Language Department also presented a Chinese sketch. Lava club managed the coordination of the show under the supervision of Ms. Rania Bassiouny, the student activities leader and Prof. Leyla Kamel, the Dean of the faculty of Languages and Translation.

The awards of the Documentary Film Competition were also given to the winners during the show. The winners of the competition came as follows:
– In the first place came the student Mahmoud Amr- the faculty of Physical Therapy.
– In the second place came the students Youssef Shaaban and Peter Amir.
The competition was held under the supervision of Prof. Sahar Hammouda.