Space Science Competition

In preparation of the Mechanical Engineering Department team, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, participating in the Space Science Competition held at the Beijing Institute of Technology, China, in cooperation with the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Chinese Society of Astronautics, and sponsored by the Chinese Space Agency, the team attended 5 lectures with the Chinese party through Zoom Meeting App.

These lectures tackled many topics, most important of which were the materials used in manufacturing satellites, the impact of the space environment on them, the various elements in space, and their impact on the space industry. In addition to displaying the experience of an astronaut showing his time on the International Space Station. The last lecture, however; tackled the suitability of the conditions of the space environment for the life of living organisms.

These lectures come in light of the qualification of PUA’s Mechanical Engineering team for the first section of the competition, which deals with “creative design”. The participating team designed an outer body fir the nanosatellites (CubeSat) out of composite materials.