The Construction Engineering and Management Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering recognizes the paramount importance of scientific symposiums aimed at providing students with both foundational and advanced engineering insights. In adherence to this principle, the Department orchestrated a scientific forum titled “Shallow Foundations on Difficult/Problematic Soils,” delivered by Prof. Dr. Naima Ali, a distinguished faculty member within the Construction Engineering and Management Department.

Given the proliferation of urbanization due to population expansion, the extension of infrastructure networks, and the encroachment onto arid and semi-arid terrains, this subject presents a formidable challenge for geotechnical engineers during the foundational phase. Consequently, the seminar delved into the principal challenges encountered by engineers in foundation design, strategies for navigating problematic soil conditions, and the pertinent stipulations of the Egyptian Code. Moreover, it elucidated real-world examples of encountered issues and their corresponding solutions. Moreover, the seminar garnered significant interest from both students and teaching assistants alike