As part of the “Recycle It (Green Pharos)” campaign, PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design hosted a visit from Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Secondary School for Girls for a workshop titled “Recycling Paper through Origami.” The workshop was led by Dr. Rana Hisham, Lecturer in the Décor Department, and Dr. Youmna Muhammad Yaqout, Lecturer in the Media Arts Department.

The event began with a simplified presentation aimed at the secondary school students, introducing them to World Environment Day and promoting environmental awareness. The presentation highlighted positive behaviors that contribute to environmental preservation. Following this, the origami workshop trained students on how to creatively reuse paper by teaching them various paper folding techniques to create different shapes. This activity aimed to instill in students the importance of recycling and to develop their paper folding skills, aligning with broader goals of improving environmental behaviors and educating young people on sustainable development.

At the end of the visit, the students toured the Faculty’s permanent exhibition and took commemorative photos with the dean, making the event both educational and memorable.