Qualifying Week Activities Launched

The activities of the field training qualifying week have been launched at PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication. in the presence of 6 experts specialized in the various fields related to the media labor market, namely:
Mrs. Mona Hijab, TV Correspondent, MBC Egypt Channel
Mr. Magdy Fekry, Radio Presenter, Alexandria Radio Channel
Mr. Nabil Abu Shall, Director, Al-Masry Al-Youm’s office in Alexandria
Mr. Ahmed Bassiouny, Journalist, the Middle East News Agency
Mr. Tariq Gadallah, Director, Public Relations Department, Natural Gas Company
Dr. Omnia El-Safty, Professor of Public Relations

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Howaida Mostafa, Dean, stated that these activities aim to develop students’ practical skills in the field. Dr. Mostafa also pointed out that the development process involves a number of prominent media experts, along with the Faculty’s faculty members and teaching assistants. She added that the Faculty has developed a plan that includes holding a number of training workshops for students to develop their media skills in the various specializations of the Faculty.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu El-Ela, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, stated that these activities come within the framework of the Faculty’s plan to train junior students during the summer period. This aims to refine their practical and training skills, and enable them to compete in the media job market.