As part of the Recycle It and Green Pharos initiatives spearheaded by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, Dr. Haitham Al-Essawi, lecturer of Biomechanics at PUA’s Faculty of Physical Therapy, delivered a lecture on “Physical Therapy and Sustainability.”


During the lecture, Dr. Al-Essawi elucidated the overarching concept of sustainability and subsequently elucidated its relevance to the realm of physical therapy. He underscored the importance of integrating sustainability principles into the domain of physical therapy to align with Egypt’s Vision 2030, which underscores the imperative of sustainability across all sectors, thereby contributing to the attainment of the title of Green Pharos.


The lecture garnered significant interest from faculty members, drawing a sizable audience who actively engaged with Dr. Al-Essawi through questions and suggestions. This exchange of ideas enriched the session, providing attendees with valuable insights and scientific knowledge beneficial to all.