As part of the Green Pharos initiative to promote environmental sustainability, and as a component of the Recycle It campaign, the Faculty of Dentistry at PUA organized a series of workshops for students titled “Environmental Sustainability in Dentistry.” At the outset of the seminar, PUA assessed students’ understanding of sustainability objectives and the concept of eco-friendly dental clinics. The workshop aimed to enhance students’ competencies in sustainable dentistry, uncover the principles of environmentally conscious dental practices, and delve into the interconnection between oral health and environmental dynamics.

Furthermore, the workshop explored the environmental impact of dental clinics, highlighted cutting-edge technologies and products essential for fostering a sustainable future, elucidated strategies for delivering exceptional care while maintaining a positive environmental footprint, and addressed ways to safeguard the longevity of dental clinics amidst changing environmental conditions.

Additionally, the workshop featured interactive sessions with students, fostering engagement through small group activities and brainstorming sessions. Students collaborated to categorize sustainability objectives and elucidate the factors contributing to carbon footprints through visual aids. Moreover, students gained insights into the implications of direct and indirect climate changes on oral health. Suggestions from students regarding the integration of sustainable development objectives into academic curricula were also solicited.