Petrochemical Engineering Department in the 2nd Intra-Africa 2063 Competition

The Petro Team, from the Petrochemical Engineering Department, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, won the first place in the 2nd Intra-Africa 2063 Competition. This year’s edition was launched under the title “Sustainable Development Goals Through Entrepreneurship, Possible Contributions and Future Directions”.

This competition aimed to focus on sustainable development goals through entrepreneurial project ideas to serve the African continent. Eight teams, with 65 participants from several African universities, competed to discuss common issues related to the environment, climate, and green technology, and to propose possible solutions to them.

The winning project was titled “Green Approach and Safer alternatives to toxic flame retardants for Polyurethane foams” (Pus). The idea of the project is to prepare and create new flammable materials for polyurethane extracted from agricultural waste, and to maximize the added value in line with the sustainable development goals.

It is also worth noting that the students’ have skillfully communicated the distinguished innovative project idea, as a result of a journey full of effort, persistence, and research.