PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy is keen on qualifying its students for the labor market and raising their competitiveness. In this context, the Faculty of Pharmacy organized a workshop in cooperation with Palm Tree Solutions for Pharmaceutical Training.


During this workshop, Dr. Amani Al-Masry, Director, Palm Tree Solutions, and Dr. Samah Fayed, along with a group of pharmacists working for the company, encouraged the students to keep up with the requirements of the labor market in the field of medical promotion.


Simulation sessions were held for Faculty’s senior, where they simulated activities of the medical representative, and how to handle the different situations and personalities that are encountered in the medical promotion profession.


The event was characterized by seriousness, vitality, and relatability, in addition to intense competition among the participating students. The students showed their admiration and gained great benefit from the subject of the workshop, and expressed their desire to repeat it.