Post-Covid-19 syndrome

Post-Covid-19 syndrome Most people who were infected with COVID-19 recover quickly within a few weeks. However, some others, even those who suffered mild symptoms, continue to have symptoms after their initial recovery. These people sometimes describe themselves as "persistent carriers" and these cases have been called post-Covid-19 syndrome, or "Long-term COVID-19". This description generally applies... Continue Reading

Scientific Day – Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Scientific Day - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Faculty of Pharmacy – Pharos University in Alexandria) The Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA), has always been keen to organize a scientific day for its various departments. As this event aims at exchanging experiences and research ideas among faculty members and teaching assistants. Accordingly, the... Continue Reading


Rotavirus Rotavirus is a highly contagious virus that causes diarrhea. Before the vaccine was developed, most children were infected with this virus at least once by the time they were 5 years old. Such cases can be treated at home by drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. A rotavirus infection usually begins within two... Continue Reading

إعلان عن منح الأتحاد الأوروبي Erasmus+ لدراسة فصل دراسي (ربيع 2021-2022) لطلاب كلية الصيدلة

في إطار التعاون المشترك بين جامعة فاروس وجامعة Eastern Finland  بفنلندا ، سوف يتم البدء في التقدم للترشح لمنح الأتحاد الأوروبيErasmus+  لدراسة فصل دراسي (ربيع 2021-2022) لطلاب Undergraduate بكلية الصيدلة وعلي الراغبين في التقدم للترشيح ومعرفة الإجراءات والتفاصيل التوجه إلي منسق العلاقات الدولية بكلية الصيدلة. – علما بأن الموعد الأخير للتقدم لتسليم ملفات الترشيح للمنحة…

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The Faculty of Pharmacy’s Orientation Day

The Faculty of Pharmacy organized an online orientation day for the new students because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is worth mentioning that Prof. Maged El Ghazouly, the faculty Dean gave a welcoming speech. The orientation day included an introduction for the students about the faculty’s facilities and activities, rules of academic supervision and career... Continue Reading

Communication Skills Workshop

Under the auspices of Prof. Maged El Ghazouly, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing, a workshop entitled “Communication Skills” was organized on Tuesday, 10 March 2020. The organization of the seminar was managed under the supervision of Dr. Sameh Younis, the faculty Student Activities Leader and Dr. Engy El Sodany, the... Continue Reading